Top Five popular Bingo Games

By most, bingo has been thought of a not very complex game with not many other options to offer. That is actually not the case. There are many different variations of the game bingo that makes it more fun, interesting, and challenging to win. Here are the most popular bingo games used across the globe. View More info about UK bingo games at:

Number Five: Speed Bingo

With a smaller bingo card, and only 30 numbered balls, this one is favored among most as a quick and easy way to play and win bingo. The card design is 3×3 grid consisting of 9 numbered squares. Many fast pace excitement seeking people play this game since more patience is required in longer bingo. Each column has its own randomly selected numbers. Column one being numbers 1 through 10, column two 11 through 20, and the third column 21 through 30. Speed bingo is usually played online, seeing as it is a quicker game people enjoy there increased chances of winning by being able to play a more games in a shorter amount of time. Many casinos have introduced the game since its fast growing popularity.

Number Four: 75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball bingo is very popular in both the U.S. and Canada, it is known to have many variations. In this game, the card is 5×5 and has 24 numbers, each column containing random numbers. The first, numbers 1 through 15, the second being 16 through 30, and so on throughout the rest of the columns. The only square that isn’t fit in is the one in the middle. To play 75 Ball bingo you must first buy tickets, scratch them off to decide what the winning pattern is, then numbers are called out and the winner is the one who has the pattern of the numbers that were called out. There can be preset patterns to this game as well, making it one of the more challenging bingo games to beat in odds.

Number Three: Cover All Bingo

Cover All bingo is one of the longer bingo games, and requires the player to cover all the squares on the bingo card. Although it is a longer game, Cover All bingo prizes are usually bigger. One rule in Cover All bingo, is when the dealer pulls out a certain amount of balls, the prize decreases in value.

Number Two: 80 Ball Shutterboard Bingo

This bingo game is similar to 75 Ball bingo, the only differences are that it is a 4×4 card with no space in the middle. 80 Ball Shutterboard bingo is usually played at resorts at the beach, and prizes are not cash. This game is more of a beach modified version of 75 Ball bingo, with plastic sleeves being used to cover numbers called out.

Number One: Traditional Bingo

This bingo is the regular bingo that most people are use to playing. Usually played on a 5×5 card, winners only have to fill in a row of numbers called. The line being horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Since most people know this way, many play this simple version. Even teachers utilize this game for fun for their students to win little prizes.

There are many bingo games. Many creative people have added, and taken away from the game so it can appeal to certain audiences. However you play bingo, it has proven to be a timeless game that many enjoy.

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