The growth of solar power in the UK

During 2013 the UK saw a 600% growth in Solar PV.  That is a new record of 1.45GW of solar power of which 90% is ground mounted.

increase in solar power use since 2009

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As you can see in the chart solar installers in the UK had increased 10 fold from 2009 through start of 2011. The UK has seen explosive growth in recent years and as energy prices increase this is likely to continue.

The UK just recently launched Europe’s first solar strategy.

The DECC or Department of Energy and climate change have launched the strategy that focuses on getting over 1million households rooftop solar power in the UK.

Greg Barker Said:

“Solar not only benefits the environment, it has the potential to create thousands of jobs across the region and deliver the clean and reliable energy supplies that the country needs at the lowest possible cost to consumers.”

Average savings after installing solar Panels

A Study from Reveals massive savings of up to 40% on average in the UK.

energy saving average

These are only savings on the first year of installation. Image the amount you will actually save over the lifetime of the installation. Once the panels have been paid off you are effectively free from energy bills and helping the environment. Whereas if you didn’t make the change to green energy and as energy prices rise you may be paying much more than you pay now towards energy bills.

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